Religious Education (RE) program
Until our fall RE program resumes on Sunday September 7, the SNUUC religious education program is offering a multiage RE program throughout the summer led by adults and senior HS youth volunteers. Please let Ilene Corina know if you would like to help out over the next two months leading some of our Sunday summer activities.

Enjoy your summer and this poem by Meg Bowman:
This summer take time:
To Dream- it hitches your soul to the stars To Work- it is the price of success
To Think- it is the source of power
To Play- it is the secret of youth
To Love- it is the spirit of life
To Meditate- it is the highway of reverence
To Enjoy Friends- it is the source of happiness To Make the World Better- it is the purpose of life To Laugh- it helps with life’s loads
For Beauty- it is everywhere in nature
For Health- it is the treasure of life
David Silver, Director of Religious Education

Upcoming Events

Social Action is a big part of the RE Wing this semester. After several months of planning, fund raising and organizational meetings, a Midnight Run to benefit the homeless in New York City took place on Friday March 14. The RE Wing was abuzz with activity on the night of the run with volunteers sorting clothing, assembling toiletry bags, preparing hot food items and making sandwiches and care packages to give out at various stops across Manhattan. Cars were loaded up with the various items and we were ready to proceed.

Our caravan left SNUUC at 9:00pm and we made our first stop near the Midtown Tunnel at 10:00pm. At each stop, car trunks were opened and items distributed to all who were in need. Our youth were happy to be engaging with the recipients of these items and this was repeated a half dozen times that evening. We gathered back at SNUUC at 2:00am and unpacked what was left over, which was donated to the INN at Freeport and the SNUUC Thrift Shop. We shared our thoughts together before heading home, knowing that the good we do is its own reward and that is enough.

Other Dates of Interest

  • Intergenerational Pasta Party/Talent Show is Saturday June 7 at the UU Fellowship of Huntington. Dinner at 6. Talent Show at 7. No charge to attend. Families and friends are welcome. Sponsored by LIAC/UU Connect
  • Sophia Fahs Staff Orientation will take place on Friday May 30 at 7:00pm. 3688 Berne Road Wantagh, NY at the home of Patsy Kaplan
  • Save the Date: Jr HS Youth Retreat will take place on Sept. 13-14 at Camp Herlich in Patterson, NY. Please let me know if your youth are interested in attending. Sponsored by the Metro District of New York
  • Goldmine Youth Leadership School East will take place August 17-23 at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island. Sponsored by the Metro District of New York


UU Youth Programs on Long Island

Student Activity Fund
The Student Activity Fund (SAF) is a program to encourage young Unitarian Universalists to live their religious values through internships in social action, advocacy and service provision.

SAF is a grant-program funded by the Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock that enables high school seniors and college students to perform significant service to the community while earning money to help finance their education.

Our Whole Lives
Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a series of grade appropriate courses in sexuality education. The program provides accurate information and Unitarian Universalist values for children, youth, adults, and families.


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The Coming of Age Program
The Coming of Age (COA) Program is about learning, sharing, growing and bonding with other Unitarian Universalist youth from various Long Island congregations. The purpose of the program is to acquaint the participants with an understanding of Unitarian Universalism, explore their developing personal religious philosophies, examine and discuss adolescent issues and to foster the development of open communication among the youth and between the youth and their families.

Sophia Fahs U.U. Camp
Sophia Fahs provides enjoyable, practical and spiritual experiences in a safe, beautiful and natural environment that will inspire children, youth and adults to explore their identities: personal, communal and Unitarian Universalist.